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the broom saga

updates on my broom/vacuum cleaner saga:

(I have upgraded it from story to saga, hopefully it won’t become an epic)

after a good amount of use I find that the it’s far faster to sweep than to use a vacuum. The broom has a larger surface area, and can also get into places the unwieldy vacuum can’t (although I did buy a relatively wieldy vacuum). So the number of ‘strokes’ one needs to clean a space is much fewer.

But, it’s also far faster to sweep and then use the vacuum cleaner to suck up the gathered dust than a broom + pan combo to do the same thing.

If you think I am using this to substantiate my purchase of a 10k vacuum, I am 😝

This only applies to the dust-free broom and the wireless vacuum cleaner. An ordinary broom leaves a trail of it’s own dust, making using any good vacuum faster because you don’t have to go over the same area multiple times. A wired vacuum would need a good amount of manipulation of the wires, so that changes things. I think I might actually prefer the dust free broom + pan to a wired vacuum.

But you won’t hear more about this combination in practical usage because I have other, slightly more pertinent things to do (though that might seem unlikely at this point if you have read so far)

I always considered a vacuum cleaner to be competition to the broom (because I am used to using it on carpets, I guess). But on hard floors where sweeping is easy, it’s actually competition for the dust pan. It’s strange that such a sophisticated device is needed to effectively compete with what is essentially a small flat plate, but there it is.

(I am still happy about the purchase though, no one can take that away from me)

The other advantage of having a wireless vacuum (as opposed to a wired one) is that it’s convenient to use it ad-hoc for just a moment to clean up dust that collects in weird corners of the house on a daily basis. In that, it has no competition.

So you are going to find me on cleaning-day-Saturdays grumbling while raster-roaming my house with the broom in my right hand and the wireless vacuum in my left.

coming up next:

my thoughts about balcony-cleaning strategies backed by detailed research into manual agricultural fertilizer sprays as cheaper alternatives to pressure washers.

You didn’t think my slightly more pertinent to-do list included anything other than cleaning activities, did you?

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